Will You Receive a 4th Stimulus? Here are 18 States Offering It

18 States Offering Additional Stimulus in 2022

With the US inflation rate hitting record numbers, several states have opted to offer citizens tax refunds to help reduce the economic challenges many face. The federal government is unlikely to provide another stimulus check to Americans, but states have continued to support those who need financial assistance in society. Although the stimulus checks are lifesavers to many around the country, they are unlikely to have any impact on mitigating the effects of inflation.

Anyone looking for more financial assistance can look into gas tax holidaysrebate checks, and child tax credits.

Below are some of the states offering stimulus checks this month.



California rolled out its “Middle-Class Tax Refund” on October 7, 2022, with millions of state residents receiving $1,050. The state government estimates more than 90% of the checks will be sent out in October, with the remaining being released by January 15, 2023.


Colorado residents that filed their tax returns by June 30 received the $750 tax refund by September 30, 2022. Anyone that received an extension and filed their returns by October 17, 2022, will receive their check by January 31, 2023.


The $300 stimulus check meant for Delaware residents will be available to anyone who filed the 2020 taxes on time. The checks were disbursed from May, with every person receiving a rebate even if they filed their taxes jointly.


Families that are registered for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families in Florida are eligible for a one-time payment to aid with the rising cost of living. The Florida government sent out $450 per child to eligible families, which arrived before July 25 2022.


In March, Georgia residents who had filed their 2020 and 2021 tax returns and qualified for rebates received stimulus checks. Single people received $250, heads of households received $375, and married couples who filed jointly got $500.


Residents with an annual income under $100,000 received a tax rebate of $300, with dependents being also eligible. People earning more than $100,000 got a one-time payment of $100.


A bill signed in February allowed residents to receive $75 each individual or 12% of their 2020 state income tax, whichever was greater.


One of the Illinois rebate programs was a $15 check for anyone earning less than $200,000. The other program was a property tax rebate to anyone earning less than $250,000 with a payment of up to $300.


Indiana residents received rebates in 2022 totaling up to $350, with all stimulus checks being printed by early October.


Residents that filed their 2021 taxes with an adjusted gross income of under $100,000 qualify for a one-time direct relief payment of $850. Couples who jointly file receive a one-time payment of $1,700.


Minnesota frontline workers can access a relief payment of $750 to help ease the effects of inflation. Gov. Tim Walz is also pushing for a special fund allowing people earning less than $165,000 to receive a $1,000 stimulus check.

New Jersey

Homeowners earning up to $150,000 and $250,000 will receive a single pay off of $1,500 and $1,000 respectively. In addition, renters earning up to $150,000 get $450 in financial relief.

New Mexico

The state issued tax rebates to all taxpayers, with individual filers receiving $500 and joint fillers, heads of households, or surviving spouses getting $1,000.

New York

In June, New York rolled out their tax rebate program, with homeowners receiving $1,050 at an average of $425.


Eligible Oregon taxpayers were to entitled to $600 rebate after legislators approved a single payment to residents.

Rhode Island

Due to the state budget surplus, Rhode Island residents received a one-off payment of $250 per child, which began on October 3.

South Carolina

The state has set aside $1 billion to be disbursed among eligible taxpayers, with individuals receiving a payment of up to $800.


Millions of Virginia residents would benefit from the one-time payment of $250 in tax rebates if they filed their 2021 tax returns by July 1.