How to Choose the Right Career When You are Undecided

Sometimes, choosing the career path to follow when you grow up can be challenging. Even though researching available jobs, reading job descriptions, and taking personality and career tests can help, picking the right career takes time and effort. You need enough time to select the perfect career since it will impact your life.

While you can always change your career, choosing the correct one the first time you do it would be best. Since several wonderful careers are available, landing the right one can be overwhelming. If you are in such a situation, the following steps will guide you into making the right career choice:

Spend Some Quiet Time Thinking About Yourself

While it may be uncomfortable to talk about your strengths and weaknesses, it is essential since it helps you in career selection. Spend some time alone and think about yourself. Think about your hobbies, values, and skills, and write down what you are good at. Consider the kind of life you’d want to have in the future and choose careers that match those preferences. You may take a few career tests to know the available jobs that meet the lifestyle you want.

Make a List of the Careers You’d Want

The career tests you take will provide you with some ideas. List the careers down and go through each of them. Check which one matches your characteristics and personal and work values. Remove the careers that don’t suit your preferences and leave those you like. You might end up with professions you never thought about or considered. That is an excellent way to start career exploration before researching more about each.

Investigate Your Options

After getting the options, the next thing should be researching the listed careers. Please find out the jobs available and their locations. Also, check whether the jobs would force you to live in a specific geographical area and if you are ready for that. Research the education qualification required for that field.

Additionally, check the number of hours you’ll need to work in the career per day and the kind of lifestyle to expect. Lastly, find out the salary to expect from that profession. It may also be a great idea to narrow down your options. For example, research the different roles you may consider if you want a job in the healthcare industry.

Trim Your List

You may have identified the career options you don’t want by now. Research helps you to narrow down the list and focus on whatever you choose. Your final list should have five prospective careers. If you haven’t arrived at that, remove the jobs that require skills you don’t possess and duties you dislike.

Network with Professionals in Your Chosen Careers

It would be best if you reached out to experts in your chosen career to get insights you may not get from job descriptions. The knowledge and opinions they offer could be what you need to start your career. Interacting also allows you to ask questions about time management and an excellent work-life balance.

If the people you talk to are new in the profession, ask them how they got and adjusted to it. The support you get during this critical time will help you evaluate the available options and make the right career decision. You may also speak to a career coach to get proper guidance in choosing the right career path.

Consider Your Goals

It would be best to evaluate how your career goals, professionally and personally, impact your life. For example, there may be better options than a career that requires you to travel a lot if your goal is to spend time with your loved ones. You need to identify your goals to understand your whole life, not just as a working professional. List your long- and short-term objectives and choose a career that allows you to achieve them.

Choose the Career

When choosing a career, you can’t force things if you aren’t ready. Take as much time as possible to do enough research and avoid settling on a profession you might regret. Finally, trust your efforts and decision and change your career if the need arises. Avoid feeling trapped in any decision you make.

Choosing a career shouldn’t be rushed or something you should do out of pressure. Remember that the career you pick will influence the kind of life you live. Select one based on your values and passions. If you are unsure about the profession, talk to a career coach to guide you to follow the right path.