Jobs That Provide Free Housing: 16 Examples and Salaries

Are you looking for a job that offers more than just a paycheck? Consider a job that provides free housing.

Many industries and careers offer entry-level and seasonal jobs that come with housing.

By letting you live where you work, these jobs offer a significant way to save money.

Housing options range from private rooms in homes to employee housing in parks or on cruise ships.

You can find jobs with housing throughout the United States and even internationally.

In addition to housing, some jobs also offer free meals, helping you save even more money.

Here are 16 jobs that offer free housing, along with their salaries:

Are you seeking a job that offers more than just a paycheck? How about one that provides free housing? Many industries and careers feature entry-level and seasonal positions that include accommodation, offering you a fantastic way to save money while pursuing your career. These roles range from private rooms in homes to employee housing in national parks or even aboard cruise ships. You can discover such jobs not only within the United States but also internationally. Some of them even come with additional benefits like free meals, providing further savings.

Here are 16 jobs that offer free housing, along with insights into their salaries and job outlook:

1. Park Ranger

  • Job Description: Engage in tasks such as giving tours, responding to emergencies, and patrolling parks, all while enjoying free accommodations in some of America's most breathtaking locations.
  • Estimated Salary: Park Rangers earn an average of $38,660 per year, with the top 10% making around $85,000 per year. (
  • Job Outlook: The job outlook for park rangers is steady, with opportunities available in national and state parks.

2. Au Pair

  • Job Description: Provide childcare for a foreign host family in exchange for free housing, board, and a cultural exchange experience.
  • Estimated Salary: Salary varies depending on the country. For instance, in Australia, it ranges from $580 to $720 per month at the high end, while in Spain, it ranges from $311 to $364 per month at the lower end.
  • Job Outlook: Job opportunities for au pairs depend on demand in the host country.

3. Cruise Ship Employee

  • Job Description: Opportunities on cruise ships abound, spanning various industries such as casino dealers, entertainers, restaurant servers, chefs, deckhands, and more.
  • Estimated Salary: The average cruise ship worker earns $49,000, but salaries vary widely, ranging from $14,000 to $102,000, depending on the role. (ZipRecruiter)
  • Job Outlook: The cruise industry offers various positions with different outlooks. Some roles may be in higher demand than others.

4. Military Member

  • Job Description: Enjoy free room and board, food, health coverage, paid leave, and excellent retirement benefits if you decide to make it a career.
  • Estimated Salary: Salaries vary greatly by position, with an average Army private first class (infantry) earning $33,250 per year, while an Army sergeant major (infantry) averages $87,000 per year. (PayScale)
  • Job Outlook: Military careers offer stability, with job security and opportunities for advancement.

5. Private Chef

  • Job Description: Prepare daily meals for family members and guests, including gourmet dishes for special occasions.
  • Estimated Salary: Private Chefs earn approximately $88,409 per year (Indeed).
  • Job Outlook: Demand for private chefs may vary depending on individual or family needs.

6. Building Superintendent

  • Job Description: Live in apartment buildings or condo complexes in exchange for managing the property.
  • Estimated Salary: Building Superintendents earn an average of $54,608 per year (Indeed).
  • Job Outlook: The demand for building superintendents depends on the number of properties requiring management.

7. Live-In Caregiver

  • Job Description: Assist older adults or individuals with special needs with daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, and meals.
  • Estimated Salary: Live-In Caregivers earn an average of $36,855 per year (Zippia).
  • Job Outlook: The demand for caregivers is expected to grow as the elderly population increases.

8. Nanny

  • Job Description: Care for children, including ensuring they attend school, helping with homework, and providing nutritious meals.
  • Estimated Salary: Live-in nannies typically earn an average gross weekly salary of $670, while live-out nannies receive approximately $766 per week on average (Nanny Lane).
  • Job Outlook: Opportunities for nannies vary by location and family needs.

9. Clergy

  • Job Description: Teach, counsel congregants, and oversee ceremonies like weddings and funerals.
  • Estimated Salary: Clergy members earn an average of $38,358 per year (ZipRecruiter).
  • Job Outlook: The demand for clergy members may vary by religious affiliation and location.

10. Faculty in-Residence

  • Job Description: Work with college students as a mentor and role model.
  • Estimated Salary: Faculty in-Residence positions offer an average salary of around $87,098 per year (Open Payrolls).
  • Job Outlook: Faculty in-Residence roles may be available at universities with campus housing.

11. Oil Rig Mechanic

  • Job Description: Maintain and repair machinery and equipment on offshore oil rigs.
  • Estimated Salary: Oil Rig Mechanics earn approximately $62,600 per year (
  • Job Outlook: Opportunities for oil rig mechanics depend on the oil and gas industry's activity levels.

12. Seasonal Hotel/Resort Worker

  • Job Description: Work at hotels or resorts during peak tourist seasons, with roles in housekeeping, maintenance, and food service.
  • Estimated Salary: Seasonal Hotel/Resort Workers earn an average of $24,910 per year (Indeed).
  • Job Outlook: Job availability varies by location and the tourism industry's health.

13. International English Teacher

  • Job Description: Teach English as a foreign language in other countries.
  • Estimated Salary: Salary varies widely by country. You can find a full list of salary ranges at
  • Job Outlook: Demand for English teachers fluctuates by country and region.

14. Ranch Hand

  • Job Description: Ranch hands work long hours in all weather conditions, performing tasks from feeding livestock to fixing fences and operating machinery. Accommodation may include bunkhouses on the property.
  • Estimated Salary: Ranch Hands earn around $26,040 per year (PayScale).
  • Job Outlook: Ranch hand opportunities may vary by the size and needs of the ranch.

15. International Civil Engineer

  • Job Description: Civil engineers design and build infrastructure like roads, bridges, and buildings. International civil engineers often receive housing as part of their compensation package.
  • Estimated Salary: International Civil Engineers earn approximately $88,621 per year (Glassdoor).
  • Job Outlook: Job prospects for civil engineers depend on construction projects worldwide.

16. Travel Nurse

  • Job Description: Travel nurses are registered nurses who take temporary assignments in various locations, often with free housing as part of their compensation.
  • Estimated Salary: Travel Nurses earn around $89,000 per year (ZipRecruiter).
  • Job Outlook: The demand for travel nurses remains strong, with opportunities across the country and internationally.

In Conclusion

Various job opportunities provide free housing as part of their compensation packages. These roles span diverse industries and careers, offering unique experiences and opportunities to explore new places while saving on living expenses. Whether you're seeking a change in your career or lifestyle, exploring these job opportunities can be a fantastic option.

Please note that salaries and job outlooks may vary based on factors such as location, experience, and industry trends. It's advisable to research specific positions and industries for the most up-to-date information.