Scholarships Empowering Women to Pursue Their Dream Careers

For many women, the path to a fulfilling career can seem daunting. Lack of financial resources, gender barriers, and other obstacles often stand in the way.

But a new initiative aims to break down those barriers by providing women with scholarships to pursue non-traditional careers. 

The Women in Non-Traditional Trades Scholarship Program (WiNTT) offers a life-changing opportunity for women to gain the skills, training, and support needed to succeed in male-dominated fields like:
  • construction
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • automotive, and more.
By covering tuition costs, the scholarships remove the financial hurdles that frequently hold women back from entering these lucrative careers.

Starting in 2024, the WiNTT program will provide 400 TAFE scholarships annually to women enrolling in selected certificate courses. Recipients will also receive a one-time $5,000 payment to assist with other expenses like tools, materials, transportation, and childcare. 

The goal is to empower women to pursue their career aspirations without being limited by gender norms or income constraints. The scholarships will open doors to stable, high-paying jobs that can support a family and enable financial independence.  

"Too often, women don't consider careers in trades because of outdated gender stereotypes," said Jane Smith, Director of the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

"We want to smash those stereotypes and show women that with the right training and support, they can thrive in these roles."

By choosing a non-traditional career path, scholarship recipients will become role models and inspire other women to follow in their footsteps. They'll also help drive positive change in their industries by bringing diverse perspectives. 

"We need more women's voices and talents in these fields," Smith said. "When workplaces become more balanced and inclusive, it benefits everyone."

For women considering a career change, the WiNTT scholarships represent an incredible opportunity to access free training, gain skills in an industry with huge demand for workers, and launch a stable, lucrative career.

With strong female representation, these sectors will better reflect the community they serve. 

If you want to empower yourself with a scholarship, learn more at the Jobs and Skills WA website.

Applications for 2024 will open soon, so don't miss your chance to finally pursue your dream career.